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Supporting women and men in need in Malta


The special story of Victoria began with a confidential phone call on our Help Line. This young mother-to-be needed our support. She was in her early twenties and looking forward to a full and promising life ahead of her...

Suddenly things changed when she discovered she was pregnant. She thought she had a perfect plan for her life, and now, after one impulsive act, it all disappeared!!

She decided to seek help and contacted us via Facebook messenger. Victoria first visited us accompanied by her mother and partner, the baby’s father. In an atmosphere of calmness, she explained her problems. Without judging her, we explored some solutions and offered accommodation, although Victoria’s family were prepared to help her in this regard. Victoria says that her many problems initially seemed insurmountable due to her shock. She could not see a way out of her situation. However, after reflection, Victoria called to say she had decided to keep her baby.

Even though she didn’t reside in our maternity centre, she chose to stay in touch with us. She kept us informed every step of the way, sending us scans and news throughout her pregnancy and we were the first to receive a picture of her newborn baby.

We continued to accompany Victoria until she returned to work after placing her toddler in childcare. She is now financially independent and no longer needs financial or material support. She has also maintained a healthy relationship with the baby’s father and they plan on officially becoming a family in the very near future.

It has been an honour and a pleasure to support Victoria and her family. They have become part of our extended family. We salute Victoria‘s courage and determination and extend this wish to other women who, in similar challenging circumstances, choose life for their babies.

Maria came to Malta to work. She was accompanied by her three-year-old boy from a previous relationship. She was excited to be here and full of hope for their future. She had always been a busy character, competent and ready to work...

However, after a one-night stand, everything changed! She had thought she was ‘safe’. But she missed her period and a quick pregnancy test resulted positive! Maria called in great panic. She could not believe she was pregnant after a one-night stand with an old boyfriend. She was sure he would run a mile as soon as he would get to know about it, as he had done previously. She thought that she had only one option available to her – to get rid of their baby.

She was distressed as she struggled desperately to find a way out of her situation. Maria felt completely alone with her little three year boy in a foreign land. She felt she had no one to turn to - no family or close friends – no support or even a friendly face! As for her boyfriend, he turned away from her too, the minute he heard the news of her pregnancy, as she had thought he would!

Maria felt that the world was collapsing around her. She was anxious that she might lose her job and she fretted about how she would be able to look after two children on her own. She also needed to find a place to live, as her rent was very high and it was depriving her of three-quarters of her miserable low wage!

This is when Maria called the helpline 20330023. One of our counsellors took the call.

The most urgent problem was housing. Our maternity centre in Mosta was not yet ready to welcome guests, so we found her temporary accommodation until one month later, when our centre opened its doors, Maria was our first resident. She received shelter, medical care and childcare for her little boy. She was also able to keep her job and continue with her pregnancy.

We accompanied Maria and gave her the emotional support she needed. We also assisted her in her antenatal care and appointments, including her ultrasound sessions when she discovered that she was expecting a baby girl. This was a major turning point for Maria. Suddenly, the baby took on a real identity. She felt encouraged and looked forward to the day when she would see her baby daughter face to face.

At the time of birth, Maria had the support of our entire team. Someone was with her as she gave birth to her baby girl. She received all she needed at hospital, including one of our signature hospital bags, food, clothes, toys, and real love. It was a privilege for us to see Maria meet her baby. It was love at first sight!

Maria decided that it would be best for her daughter to be placed for adoption. We supported Maria through the whole process. Today, Maria is in stable employment and is financially supporting herself and her son. She keeps regular contact with the family raising her daughter and is following her progress closely. Maria feels at peace with her decisions and is delighted that she has chosen life.

Twenty-seven year old Kay is already a mother to a boy aged six. She was in a short-term unstable relationship, characterised by lots of arguments. One day the couple argued bitterly and her boyfriend asked her to get an abortion...

He physically destroyed her cell phone, threw all her belongings out onto the street and kicked her and son out of their home.

A friend called LifeLine to explain that Kay was in trouble and had nowhere to go. She was in a vulnerable state and needed help. We were able to admit her in our maternity centre together with her 6-year-old son. She went through her pregnancy with us and we supported her in all her needs. We helped her to find a job and to enlist her for other support services available to her as a single mother.

She spent a year with us at the maternity centre and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby. The first thing she said after the birth of her baby was, “I shudder at the thought of what I was about to do with my own hands!” She was immeasurably thankful for the support we had given her. It had enabled her decision not to abort her child and had encouraged her, instead, to proceed with her pregnancy and give birth to this bundle of joy.

LifeLine has remained present in Kay’s life, even after birth. She has been able to move into an apartment and even now, some time having passed, she gets in touch to let us know that she and her two children are doing well. We remain in touch and help her in any way we can; we consider her as family, keeping in contact with her and enjoying the occasional meet-up for coffee.

Nicole was in her late twenties. She already had two children and was going through a difficult period while pregnant with her third child. She had started using drugs and seemed to be in danger of addiction when she discovered she was pregnant...

Unfortunately, when she got news of her pregnancy, her family refused to support her anymore and pressured her into having an abortion. Due to her drug addiction, she needed support from other specialised services too. As she struggled to control her addiction, the pressure to abort her baby grew. Scrolling on the internet, she came across LifeLine‘s pregnancy help.

She called LifeLine for help, and a counsellor went to meet her. She realised that with help, she could create a life for herself and her three children. LifeLine was also able to help her patch up the broken relationship with her family. They spoke to her parents about her decision and reconciliation helped Nicole! Knowing that her family would be there for both her and her children made a big difference for her, enabling her to move on with her life. LifeLine were also able to provide support for her family; in this way Nicole was able to reside at her family home following rehabilitation therapy.

Her pregnancy progressed without complications and surrounded and supported by her whole family, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Even then, all did not go well for her. Soon after the baby was born, she experienced a relapse – a common occurrence in these circumstances. Nicole decided to embark on a serious rehabilitation programme to resolve this situation and safeguard her three children. At this point, she decided to enter the maternity centre together with her children.

After completing the rehabilitation programme successfully, she moved out of the home to an independent apartment. She was, by now, able to rent her own housing, and is, at present, in full-time employment, away from addiction, successfully supporting herself and her three children.

We are very glad that Nicole is doing well and that she is so thankful that she didn’t abort her third child. We keep in touch with her and lend support in any way we can, as and when she needs it. Sometimes she drops by at our office or at the home, with her children.

It started with an urgent meeting. Vanessa, a young woman in her early twenties, was traumatised and terrified as she shared the devastating discovery of her unexpected pregnancy. Whilst Vanessa held pro-life views, she could not see a way out of her dilemma except to terminate the unwanted pregnancy...

She felt so scared and alone. Vanessa came for a counselling session in tears. After an hour of support she felt better. She also became aware of the support services that were available to her and asked for more sessions.

Her panic decreased as she started to realise that she could do it. She understood that her initial reaction, that raising a baby would be impossible, was not true. At this point, she reclaimed her pro-life views and suddenly understood how precious this baby’s life was. This enabled her to reverse her decision and to proceed with the pregnancy. As the pregnancy advanced, Vanessa‘s excitement grew and she was looking forward to give birth to meet her child. An ultrasound appointment was set.

An additional surprise awaited Vanessa! She was carrying twins! This great news blew her away. Now, reassured that she had made the right decision, she realised she had saved not one but two children!

She struggled with the news and what it would mean, but she was starting to feel happy and at peace. However, the rollercoaster ride was not yet over. During her subsequent visit, Vanessa was given a negative prenatal diagnosis for one of her babies! We felt the pain of the news with her. We supported her in celebrating every day of life in the womb for her boys. The boys were loved and celebrated each day as we waited for the birth date with her.

We were by her side during the birth and for the best surprise of all - they were healthy twin boys! Since then, Vanessa has never looked back! Her experience of carrying and giving birth to the twins transformed her life profoundly. She has found true purpose and meaning in being a mum to her boys and never giving up on life.

Caroline called the HelpLine in great panic with one thought alone - thinking only that time was against her and she had only one option – to abort her child. In fact, she had already ordered and received the abortion pills (RU486) in the post...

Caroline’s most deeply troubling concern was that she would be unable to provide and care for the baby alone and especially not on one pitiful salary. Before she took the abortion pill she decided to cal lus.

It was then that she discovered that she was not alone and that there

were support services available to her. A new possibility beckoned – maybe, after all, she could do it alone. One call led to another and she met us. Slowly, she was starting to identify and resolve her worries. Finally, she decided to keep her baby and flushed the pills down the toilet!

As she discovered a new confidence, she experienced an increasing surge of hope and excitement at the prospect of welcoming her baby into the world. At the same time, both her demeanour and behaviour became visibly different.

Caroline started to follow antenatal care. Through observation of the development of her baby, she grew to understand how precious her child’s life was. Her finances were still a genuine cause of concern to her, but no longer a substantial enough reason to discard her baby’s gift of life.

The support we were able to provide to Caroline was not lacking. She received essential items, such as her first baby bag, a comfortable baby carrier, regular baby milk supplies and a cosy white cot, all hand- delivered to her home. Caroline was overwhelmed by the extent of the help extended to her in welcoming her precious child to a memorable experience.

Mother and 1-year-old daughter are now inseparable. We helped them to move into safe and comfortable accommodation and we now enjoy regular visits from them and the joy of observing them move on.

At a tender age, Marisa was raped. The trauma was indescribable. Already a drug user, abused and feeling at her lowest, she came to us, crying over the phone. Her period was late! We advised her to take a simple pregnancy test with us or to do it independently and call us...

She called to say that the test was positive. She wanted to abort her baby. She didn‘t see any other option.

Marisa needed tender, loving care. She needed extra time with our support team.

In time, Marisa understood that terminating her child‘s life would only add to her trauma. Nothing would erase the rape. She decided to give birth to the child and then offer it up for adoption.

Marisa worked with our support team. Slowly but surely she made progress. The baby in her womb started to make himself felt. As she, in turn, began to feel the baby’s earliest movements and saw the ultrasound, Marisa felt the first stirrings of healing in her heart. Her recovery was slow but sure, helped by the love she felt for the child she was carrying.

Marisa’s child was born physically well. The local hospital‘s NICU (Neonatal Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) became her home for about a month as the baby was monitored and first certified for possible drug side effects.

A group of our volunteers stepped in to care for the baby until she was allocated to a foster home and Marisa experienced increasing gladness at the sound of her child’s cries and the knowledge that all was well.

Marisa is now doing well and following a rehabilitation programme to complete her recovery. We remain in touch with her and very proud of all she has achieved – she is truly a remarkable woman who, despite all odds, has shown us the strength of a woman, able to persevere despite all odds and to demonstrate the true meaning of determination, courage and love.

When Precious, a foreigner working in Malta, called us on the HelpLine, she had recently found out she was pregnant and was very confused about her options.Her boyfriend had just left her, pregnant with his baby. She felt very isolated and scared...

Precious refused to entertain the thought of aborting their child. We visited her in a small, compact apartment where she shared a room, sleeping in a lower bunk bed. We helped her understand all her options. We helped book her prenatal care sessions and assisted her during the delivery. Following the birth of her baby, we supplied her with baby milk, a baby cot and baby clothes and materials.

Precious is now settled in a shared rental apartment. We found reliable childcare so the mum could go back to work. Today, Precious has a stable job, while her 18-month-old daughter attends full-time childcare. Both are doing very well and Precious has never looked back. We wish them all the best for the future.

Brave came to work in Malta for a couple of months. A little extra alcohol and a one-night stand and she found out she was pregnant! A friend was able to translate to Brave, who did notunderstand any English, that our team, could formulate a plan to help and support her...

We took her in at our maternity centre. Initially, we communicated by means of sign language and pictures. Brave was assisted in all her basic needs including food, clothing, staple items and all the essential baby equipment and a team of professionals, including a translator, who helped her throughout her pregnancy and birth.

Today, after completing a language course, Brave understands English and some Maltese, while her daughter is now a toddler and attends childcare. She is on her way to looking for employment as she has left the maternity centre and lives in shared accommodation.

Claire, a young woman in her twenties, called the HelpLine when she discovered that she was pregnant. Her biggest concern was that she was already a mother of two wonderful toddlers and studying for a bachelor’s degree at the University of Malta...

Claire felt that she couldn‘t cope with another child while progressing with her studies. She was afraid that having another child meant that she would have to give up her dream of graduating from university. When she called the HelpLine, she received the emotional support she so desperately needed and after a few sessions, she felt encouraged to carry on. She needed baby items, which we were able to provide, as well as baby equipment.

We helped her create a plan that would allow her to continue with her studies while also preparing for the birth of her new baby. It wasn’t easy, but she made it! Claire’s daughter is now six months old and attending childcare whilst Claire is completing her final year at university. The baby was not an obstacle in fulfilling her dreams after all! Rather, it has helped her become more organised and determined as she has been able to find the right balance between parenting, study and home life. Her partner is also happy that with our help they are now raising a young family with three children.

Sandra was going through a really tough patch when we first got in touch with her. With two older children, an abusive partner, and 30 weeks pregnant, Sandra had a lot going on...

She had the courage to leave her house and go to the police station to report her situation of abuse and to seek help.

We were contacted by the police station and we immediately got to work supporting her. She was sent to a shelter for domestic violence for a few weeks until her safety was assured. We admitted her into our maternity centre with a newborn baby and two children.

Sandra settled in right away. Her children fitted in immediately and made new friends. We provided school supplies and uniforms for her older children and all the baby items and equipment for the newborn.

Sandra saw the staff and volunteers as her extended family and felt comfortable in her new home. Additionally, we were able to support her with her court case pro-bono.

Sandra currently holds a full-time job and is able to support her children, including paying for a modest two-bedroom apartment. She is one courageous strong lady!

Joanne was in her late 30s when she found out she was pregnant with her first child; she was so happy to hear that she was pregnant but at the same time, scared as she was without an income or sufficient resources to support herself and her child...

Joanne contacted a social worker about her concerns following the news of her pregnancy. At that time, Joanne was sleeping on her friend’s couch and she was told that it would be a short stay if she was to keep her baby, causing Joanne great distress at the thought of being homeless with a newly born child to care for. She called the HelpLine and was given a place at the maternity centre.

Joanne came to us when she was seven months pregnant and we supported her in her final two months. One of our staff accompanied her through the birth of her child too.

Joanne and her new born baby stayed with us for ten months when Joanne found full-time employment and accommodation in a shared rental.

Elaine was worried about having another child after a gap of 15 years. She had assumed that her years of raising kids were over and she was using contraceptives, so her surprise at finding out she was pregnant again was great...

Elaine came to our offices to meet with us. She was terrified of starting all over.

One of our volunteers constantly contacted Elaine, meeting her over coffee and offering emotional support. Her other child was excited and happy to know that a sibling was on the way. Slowly but surely, Elaine started to feel confident that she could cope. Her husband was supportive too.

Elaine told us that LifeLine had helped her find the inner strength to raise her second child.

Elaine is now a mother to a beautiful 15-year-old and a 4-month- old baby girl. She is balancing her home life and a full-time job and she has never regretted her choice to become a mother once more!

LifeLine pregnancy unit works with government agencies and NGO‘s. Through one of these service providers, we had the privilege of meeting Irene, a woman in her early 30s. Irene was expecting twins...

She worried about how to support herself and her two unborn children as she had mental health problems.

Irene was keen to meet up immediately. She was worried about how she could take care of two infants by herself. Irene experienced frequent anxiety episodes and panic attacks, and these added stress to her pregnancy.

We planned support for Irene. We also assigned a volunteer to be there for her as a friend to provide her with some practical tools and emotional support, besides referring her to professional service providers. As her mental health improved and she gave birth, we continued to stay close to her. Her fluctuating hormones finally settled and her anxiety levels normalised. Irene was finally able to rejoice and start enjoying her babies.

Today Irene and her twins are doing very well. A volunteer still drops in to check on the new family. They are feeling settled and in fact Irene is now back at work.

When Martina’s mother called HelpLine, she was concerned about her daughter and her boyfriend‘s decision not to keep their baby. Sometimes, having pro-life values is not enough...

They found themselves in a tight corner and could not see a way out.

The mother called, requesting that the couple speak with someone urgently. One of our staff members spoke to Martina who was under pressure to make a quick decision. Martina felt that she couldn‘t make a proper decision. She needed time to consider what she really wanted.

The boyfriend was putting pressure on her to take the abortion pills, that he had already ordered online. He wanted her to take them as soon as they arrived.

On the second visit, the boyfriend came too. Slowly they voiced all their fears and concerns. Martina‘s parents promised support too.

The pills arrived, but Martina decided to keep the baby after all. Martina and her boyfriend received support throughout her pregnancy and after the birth. The pills were thrown away, a total waste of money.

Martina‘s child is now almost a year old and is cared for by both parents. Martina and her boyfriend‘s love for each other has grown stronger, and they are now living together and looking forward to getting married with their child as a bridesmaid.

Marion was in shock when she called us. She couldn‘t believe that she was pregnant again after a ten-year gap. She was very settled in her way of life and couldn‘t imagine the changes she would have to make to go through a pregnancy and raise a child after a ten-year gap...

Marion couldn‘t believe it and was certain she didn‘t want the child. She couldn‘t bear the thought of people judging her and gossiping about her behind her back. She had been so careful, using contraception meticulously. She had made a mistake ten years ago and had been careful ever since. What would her daughter say?

She called LifeLine. We offered to support her as she broke the news to her family, especially her mum and dad.

Marion called us a week later. Her ten-year-old daughter had overheard her discussing the pregnancy with her parents and the fear she had of her daughter not wishing her to have another child. Her daughter confronted her, saying that she wanted her to have this baby and that she would love to assume the role of the elder sister. She said that she too should have a say. Afterall, the baby was her brother or sister! Hearing this, Marion decided to keep the baby with the support of her daughter. Marion now works-full time and is the proud mother of two lovely daughters!

Catherine, a young woman in her twenties, was dumped by her boyfriend, pregnant with their son. She felt lost and unaware of her options. She was not sure how she should continue with her pregnancy since she was now alone...

How would she cope? Catherine found our website and called our HelpLine. Her primary concern was having a roof over her head. We offered her a place at the maternity centre for a year. We also offered the help and support we could provide throughout and after her pregnancy.

In fact, Catherine stayed with us for about a year and a half. During this time, we helped Catherine prepare for her baby, learn how to create a workable daily routine, and create an aftercare plan for when she left the maternity centre. She also took a course that helped her find work. She is new to full-time employment. However, Catherine is now juggling her life, full with both baby and work, with a big smile.

Elena was agitated and nervous when she called the HelpLine. She was six months pregnant and was unable to live with her parents any longer...

Elena was agitated and nervous when she called the HelpLine. She was six months pregnant and was unable to live with her parents any longer.

Elena lived in a toxic environment because her parents constantly judged her for becoming a single mother. She had reached her limit and couldn‘t take any more emotional blackmail. Her self-confidence was low.

Elena called the HelpLine, hoping to get some emotional support. We offered her a room at our maternity centre. She was overjoyed with this option and felt more at ease. She could enjoy her pregnancy in a small community that understood her situation and needs. We also helped her address the situation with her parents who are now much more understanding and supportive, even though at a distance.

Elena is now a proud mother who lives independently with her son. She has worked on setting healthy boundaries with her family and has a better relationship with her parents.

Nadine and Thomas had just moved to Malta. They had only recently moved into their shared apartment when, about a month later, Nadine discovered she was pregnant...

The couple were shocked and accepted that this was a terrible time because of their current uncertain living situation, with new jobs, an unknown language and a new culture to adapt to. It all seemed too daunting and unstable to add a newborn.

When Nadine and Thomas called the HelpLine, they both explained that they did not believe they were ready to become parents at this time. They were unable to pay for a doctor, childcare, or baby equipment. We explained how the Maltese system worked and what benefits they were entitled to, such as hospital services, hospital appointments, and free childcare schemes, among other things. We also scheduled an appointment with a gynaecologist, who followed the couple throughout the pregnancy. We were able to supplement their basic food requirements, as well as all baby equipment and a hospital bag for mother and baby.

Nadine and Thomas faced this challenging time together and grew stronger as a couple. They now have a loving bundle of joy, their first baby boy. Abortion would have taken away their much-wanted son!

Grace called us expecting her fourth child. Her previous baby was only a few months old, so this was a totally unplanned pregnancy. She was emotionally drained, lacked confidence and was desperate for a way out...

Grace felt unprepared for another child and seriously considered having an abortion. She had spent most of her wages on ordering the abortion pills.

She explained her internal struggles and her fears.

Her husband‘s severe illness was a great setback for them. They had run out of money. All the cupboards were empty and the children were hungry and needed winter clothes. The LifeLine team provided clothes for the children and basic food plus hygiene supplies required for the family.

Grace‘s husband spent quite some time in hospital. Then, suddenly, his mother died of cancer. Grace could not face death again. The abortion pills were destroyed. They decided to keep the child. Her husband was out of hospital for the birth of their fourth child. Grace and her husband are now very proud parents of four children.