Success Stories

Twin boys instead of abortion

A few months ago, a woman in her early twenties came to us asking for an abortion.

She was scared and unsure, and looking for alternatives.

After a few sessions she decided to keep her baby.

Following her ultrasound examination, she found out that she was having two babies - she was going to have twin boys.

But this was only the beginning for this mother, because unfortunately, she was given a negative diagnosis and was told that one of the boys would probably die, possibly resulting in her losing both babies.

Can you imagine how hard her journey was?

Amazingly, following counselling sessions and appointments with the doctor she went through with her pregnancy and recently delivered two beautiful healthy baby boys.

Girl assisted to skip abortion is now a proud mother 

A girl called in a panic considering abortion. In fact, she had ordered and received the RU 486 (abortion pill) by post. We met with her many times, for over a month, discussing all the options with her and giving her all the support she needed. She chose to keep the baby, and as promised, we helped her in all that she needed, including supplying her with a baby bag, pushchair, milk, baby cot, and we continued to support her for over a year. Her daughter is now a bit older than one and both are doing very well.


Raped girl chooses life for her baby

A pregnant girl who was also a relapsing drug addict called us because she had been impregnated in a case of rape. As one would expect, she was in a very bad emotional state. We had a lot of meetings with her and our counsellor still meets her to this very day.

She decided to have the baby and give her up for adoption. 

Since then she has given birth and the child was kept in hospital for about a month to recover in NIPCU.

We had a group of volunteers taking care of the baby until she was released for fostering. She will eventually be adopted giving a lot of love and joy to another family. The birth mother is also doing well following a rehabilitation programme.

Abandoned foreigner is now a happy mother

A foreigner working in Malta, called, confused, as her boyfriend had left her. She found herself alone and pregnant just because she refused to abort their child. We visited her in a tiny cramped apartment, where she slept in a shared lower, bunk bed. We helped this woman, booked her prenatal care, assisted her during delivery and after her child was born we supplied her with baby milk, baby cot and clothes. Eventually, we helped her to get babysitting. She is now settled in a shared rental apartment working while her now 18-month old daughter goes to child care.

Confidential Care.

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