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There wouldn’t be light up Batman sneakers in the shoe rack,

or goldfish crackers swimming on the floor of our SUV.

If I had listened to you,

I wouldn’t know all the words to the Paw Patrol theme song,

or the names of the Bubble Guppies.

I wouldn’t have seen Frozen in the theater.


I have a few more stretch marks,

A little less money,

less time,

and more fine lines around my eyes.

If I had listened to you,

I wouldn’t know the tug of little arms around my neck,

sticky hands tenderly patting my face,

random requests for mommy snuggles.

If I had listened to you,

the phrase “beauty for ashes” would be one dimensional,

healing would have been a slow, uphill climb,

and so much pain would have so much less purpose.

I have a little more patience,

and a little less pride,

less selfishness,

more faith in the Great I AM.

If I had listened to you,

to the world,

to the doubt and the fear,

I’d miss hearing a croaky morning voice tell me he misses me when he’s asleep.

But I didn’t listen to you.

I listened to love.

The heart of God,

the motion of mercy,

the song of grace,

the soul of the mother that I already was and was destined to be again.

Sounds of love, louder than the anxiety, drowning out the agony.


I listened.

I followed.

And just look what I got.

Life with no regrets.

Jennifer Christie

Confidential Care.

2033 0023

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