Life Line Malta is a pregnancy support centre offering practical, compassionate support for girls, women or families. Life Line Malta is a non-profit helpline operated by Life Network Foundation Malta, a registered NGO whose mission is the endorsement of every human life from conception to natural death.

An unexpected pregnancy can trigger a crisis. If you may be pregnant and are confused, worried or need support, we are there for you. Our skilled listeners and professional counselors can help you with accurate and helpful information in a compassionate environment.

Pre-natal medical complications today are increasingly being detected early in the pregnancy and may be equally devastating to face. Life Line Malta offers to support mothers in these difficult situations. It is a venue for options to be discussed, concerns to be heard, questions asked and answered, and support provided.

In the aftermath of abortion, women often feel alone and in the short or long term often suffer in silence. Feelings of anger, pain, guilt and deception and other issues are common and surface as post-abortion trauma. Life Line Malta offers Save One Courses, which can bring healing and hope to victims in these situations too.

Life Line Malta aims to provide a warm, friendly interface to help empower people to make life-affirming choices. We offer non-judgmental care and support to people in need and although we are a faith-based centre, our faith is not imposed on the people that seek our help.

Confidential Care.

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